Take it from Taylor

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

In honor of Taylor Swift’s album coming out in less than 24 hours (*screaming!!!!!!*), I thought I’d honor her tonight and go off of a sweet quote she made years and years ago on a blog I read of hers.

“Sometimes you just need a milkshake and your mom.”

Thank you, Taylor.

So true. Sometimes life can repeatedly knock you down and, to go along with the old saying, you become sick and tired of being sick and tired.

For those days or weeks or months that drag by and keep you feeling so heavy, press pause at some point and focus on something other than your circumstances. Focus on someone else’s day, the exquisiteness of nature, or the incomprehensible power of God, Take the attention off of the dismal mountains in your life that you can’t seem to ever reach the top of. Instead, give yourself a minute to think outside of yourself and the many challenges that follow you around. Take a moment, an evening, to enjoy the wonderment of life.

Maybe it’s a milkshake and your mom. Maybe it’s a sleepover with your friends. Maybe it’s a Disney move you want to watch. (Adults can still watch those. It’s good for the soul.) Maybe it’s cooking dinner for someone else. Maybe it’s babysitting so that tired parents can have a night out. Or best of all, maybe it’s pressing play on the new Taylor Swift album and forgetting about your struggles for a while as you just listen and love it (’cause you will).

Find something you can do to set your mind not on the hard and heavy things of life, but on the simple enjoyments of life we will miss out on if the focus is perpetually cast inward at the gray skies within.

It’s not going to solve your problems – I’m not that crazy. And I don’t advocate for anyone to seek distractions that harmfully keep them from important responsibilities in life. But it is okay to be less self-focused at times and remember to enjoy life even if it’s not “going right” for us.

Now, go get your milkshake.

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