A collection of uninteresting moments

Recently my phone crashed and I had to get a new one, which wasn’t a big deal except that I lost some information I was really saddened to never get back. The one thing I was afraid I lost was the very thing that I did lose and can’t recover.

I started a thread of notes capturing my “favorite moments” of a day, any ordinary day that had a memory that particularly stood out to me. Some of them were big moments while some were smaller and only I would understand their sweet significance. But on occasion, I would read over the note (which had several months’ worth of memories), and I would smile as I read and remembered the moments I wrote down – for some of them were so unremarkable that I wouldn’t have thought of them past the minutes they belonged to, yet they contained such true delight and recognition in their own time.

It took me days after getting my new phone to check on my laptop’s iCloud storage to see if, perhaps, the notes had been wondrously saved. But of course I didn’t save them to the iCloud system. Today I finally checked, and to my disappointment, the notes are gone.

What I loved about these favorite moments I had recorded was the reminder to take note of God’s faithfulness. Maybe the theme of the last several months has been a discouraging one, but when you look back at the (many) individual moments that God gave you a kind and undeserving prize throughout your day, you can appreciate the way He looks out for you and sees you through a gray season.

I really wish God would recover my precious notes to remind me of the moments He surprised me with special gifts, but I will begin afresh and keep recording His goodness and faithfulness found within my favorite moments of an otherwise commonplace and unmemorable day.

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