I do have a last name. It's Denton, not Marlene. Marlene is my grandmother's and my mother's middle name, which is why I like it so much.


When I daydream about what I want this blog to be, it's best defined in these words. I don't want to make it all about me because these words are burned in the back of my mind: "May He become greater, and I become less." Let's start off on a note of honesty. Sometimes I do want to make things about me. And this blog won't be a perfect attempt to always reflect Jesus, but that is my ultimate heartbeat.


With that being said, if you aren't on the same page as those beliefs I do still write pieces intended to include anyone. So don't run away just yet.

In much of the in between, I...

write, dream, plan, fall, laugh with family, cry with friends, and figure out how exactly one can live this life and live it well.

Read at your pleasure.

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